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Is everybody making money ?

Is everybody making money ? Ever wonder why everybody in the advertisement business makes money, except you?

Ever wonder how the big companies profile you, gather info on you, and never let you change it?

"If I received a buck for every ad I've been sent, I would be rich."


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No more old marketing !

Once upon a time …

In the old days... In the old days of the internet, before MAW, advertisers paid companies to steal your information from all possible sources: your emails, the cookies they infested your computers with, your surfing habits, your social media connections …

With that information stolen from you, their (quite dumb) computers decided what kind of ad to spam you with. And everybody made a lot of money in the process. Except for you. And for the advertiser who soon realized that you never, ever click on their ads. Because you hate being spammed. And you hate it when everybody but you makes money off of your personal data.
Time for a change?

The Solution

The MAW Solution

The MAW solution Maw is simple, honest, and right to the point.

You build your profile with us. The way you want, with the information you want to reveal. You become anonymous in our system, we protect and value your privacy. According to your profile, we send you ads that we think will interest you. If you agree to read or watch the ad, and answer a few basic questions, you receive money.


We're not playing with points, and coupons, and redeemable fairy tales. We are talking CASH. When your account reaches $25, we send you a prepaid visa card with the money on it. $25. Or 50. Or 100, you decide. Up to once a week. It's not too good to be true. It's a new way to do business. With you.


How does it work?

It works!

MAW Ninja work ! It is not too good to be true. It is simple, fair and square business.

You volunteer your profile, we store it anonymously.

The advertiser pays us to send ads to quality selected profiles.

We send ads to your profile, the advertiser never knows your name.

You spend time reading the ad and answering the questions.

The advertiser gets a feedback on his ad from a relevant real and existing potential customer.

We thank you for your involvement by offering you a gift card that you can use anywhere and whenever you want.


Because we respect you, and we respect our advertisers.

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